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Summer Day Dreams

12 Mar

I realize it’s entirely unfair for me to even remotely miss summer (it was 86 this past Sunday and the palm trees are always swaying here in LA) BUT I do.  Not so much summer itself, rather the vacations and carefree attitude that come along with it.  Mike and I have been planning our next big adventure aka honeymoon #2 and the world is truly our oyster- ok, an oyster on a budget.  Some thoughts thus far: Thailand, Fiji, Croatia, Turkey, Belize, St. Lucia…  how is one to decide!?  If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Summer Time



where do you want to travel this summer?


Vegetarian -FAIL

15 Mar

Throughout my years I’ve gone back and forth on my stance to eat (or not eat) meat.  Obviously I ADORE animals and feel strongly about the ethical treatment of our furry friends… but, I enjoy meat.  I’ve tried to go vegetarian numerous times but always end up having a burger somewhere down the line.  For a while I stayed clear of red meat and even now I typically use turkey everything vs. beef.  After watching Forks Over Knives (or was it Food Inc.?) I decided to try vegetarianism again and I subscribed to Vegetarian Times magazine.






inevitably weeks later I found myself staring at a free range burger at a nearby restaurant… oops.  But I STILL get those magazines reminding me monthly of how I failed.  I can only reason with myself that I’m more educated now and we only buy organic and free range meats/eggs.  In any case there are actually some great recipes from VT, including this one;



veggie soup


Meat-free Friday for Lent!! How do you feel about meat in your diet?