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Summer Day Dreams

12 Mar

I realize it’s entirely unfair for me to even remotely miss summer (it was 86 this past Sunday and the palm trees are always swaying here in LA) BUT I do.  Not so much summer itself, rather the vacations and carefree attitude that come along with it.  Mike and I have been planning our next big adventure aka honeymoon #2 and the world is truly our oyster- ok, an oyster on a budget.  Some thoughts thus far: Thailand, Fiji, Croatia, Turkey, Belize, St. Lucia…  how is one to decide!?  If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Summer Time



where do you want to travel this summer?


Austin TX, here we come!

24 May

I absolutely love Austin, TX.  So it felt only right to book a last-minute trip for a long weekend (and apparently Mike has some sort of business to attend to…buy us  a vacation home there honey!).  One of my best friends (and bridesmaids!) just so happens to live there and I am beyond giddy to see her face.




 “the Dis”


Austin style is incredible.  It’s sort of like coachella 24/7.  The music scene mixed with heat mixed with country/hipster/artist bars & shops just transports me to heaven.  I’m taking some of my cues from Keep Austin Stylish ;




keep austin stylish



And although I originally purchased this swimsuit for my bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs (just 2 weeks away!), I can’t help but think it’ll be perfect for Lake Travis tomorrow.






I’ve also been going to the gym every day this week (including a horrendous performance in “Cardio Hip Hop” last night) so that I can enjoy the amazing food.  I want tacos, bacon and airstreamer food trucks ASAP!




Happy Memorial weekend everyone!


2013 is going to be the best, I’m pretty sure.

23 Jan

Hawaii was a fantastic way to say goodbye to 2012.




9 days flew by and then all of a sudden we were back home and it was 2013, just like that.


But I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for this year.  So much is happening.


#1 we are getting married

#2  we bought a beautiful condo

#3 we are getting a brother/sister for Gilligan

#4 how could I forget about our honeymoon!  13 days in Greece & Italy, sigh

#5 so many of our friends are getting married this year as well!  We get to travel all over for their big days

Normally I make resolutions but this year I’ve been too busy.  So I guess my resolution will be to slow down, enjoy everything that is happening and as always blog more.


If you go to Disney World bring your rascal

2 Oct

Before I put our trip to Orlando to rest I want to touch on one small subject.  Small probably isn’t the right word considering the topic at hand is just how BIG we are getting.  We, as in, society.  And big, as in, fat.  Now I realize that I live a somewhat sheltered ‘weight life’ between working in Beverly Hills and living in Santa Monica. Vanity and health seem to dominate this region but I’m not immune to the fact that we definitely have a growing problem with obesity nationwide. I was horrified to see that the “Happiest Place in the World” also happened to be the fattest.  Everywhere I looked I saw families feeding their overweight children mickey dogs and candy.


But I thought to myself, “hey at least they are outside and walking around to get some exercise.”  And that’s when I noticed the scooters…

There were hundreds, I mean hundreds (just swarms, flocks, herds) of overweight people cruising around Disney on their Rascals. I don’t want to sound entirely terrible and insensitive, I do understand that some people for various health/handicap reasons NEED a rascal to get around.  And for those people I applaud them for rascaling their way through Disney.  BUT the other people who are too lazy to walk and therefore rent a rascal, shame on you!


Let me go back for a second.  I wouldn’t actually care that much about the rascal crowds if it didn’t equate to the following;

While we stand in line in the hot sun for what seems like eternity, the rascal riders zoom past us to the front where they get out, park their scooters and get on the ride.  It’s genius, pure genius.  Hell I wanted a rascal after I discovered their trickery.

But I think we all know that Mickey and his friends would like to share a message to everyone, “please try to be healthy, for your children’s sake.”

My Trip to the Dry Bar

27 Sep

I am aware that these Dry Bars have been around for a while.  Before I go further let me make sure we are all on the same page.  A “Dry Bar” is a blow dry salon.  For a fee they shampoo and condition you and then blow out and style your hair for you in one of the many fashions they offer.  There is one right near my house and another about a block away that is opening this fall.  My neighbor has been several times and LOVES it. They give you a glass of wine or champagne and an ipad to play on while you relax and let them make you look amazing for your day/event.  The typical cost for this service is $35-45 dollars.

So there I am in Orlando wondering how I will fill my afternoon because my fiance is off with the other groomsmen taking photos for his friend’s wedding that evening. I’ve already hit up the dwarf-sized fitness center in our hotel (no but seriously I couldn’t use the treadmill because my head hit the ceiling).  I decide this is a perfect occasion to pamper myself and try out this dry bar business for the wedding that I know no one at.

I only find one salon that claims it does this blow out service and it’s only five miles away.  The hotel shuttle bus actually agrees to take me there and pick me up (talk about service!).  When he drops me off I see that the salon is in a house, that’s cool, very cozy.  I had called ahead and was there to see Courtney oh sorry with a “K”.

She hands me a service menu and I can choose between “sleek and straight” (insert picture of Gwyneth Paltrow), Barrel Curl (insert picture of Kim Kardashian), “Beachy Babe” (insert picture of Kate Hudson),  Southern Bell (insert anonymous celebrity with giant hair) or “Up do” (lame name and lame picture for this one).

Sample menu (not the one at this salon)

We go over to the chair and she asks me what I’m doing that evening and I tell her I’m going to a wedding that my fiance is in.  She says, “Oh, how fun! Well how about we do it sleek and straight.”  I look at her and think and then say, “Yeah, but it’s super humid and might rain so let’s do the beachy babe instead but with a little more formality.”  She nods and takes me over to the sink to wash my hair.

Back in the chair she gets me a glass of wine and starts to blow dry my hair.  She is taking FOREVER!!  She is almost done blow drying my hair and I haven’t seen her turn on a curling iron and my hair is stick straight so I’m starting to get confused.  Also, I’m out of wine.

“Whallaah!”  she says.  Yup, she’s done and she did exactly what SHE suggested and not what I asked for.  Really!?  My hair is super sleek and straight and I look at my watch and realize I need to get back to the hotel and get ready so I graciously smile and say, “Thanks Kourtney, looks good.”  I go to the check out and pay and tip and then get outside and kick myself for the five minutes that I’m waiting for my giant hotel shuttle bus.  This is SO typical.  Me letting small injustices go, out of the goodness of my heart.  But it’s too late now, what am I gonna do?  Go in there and demand my money back or yell at her that she is a bad listener?  No, defeated I get into the big bus by myself and hope it doesn’t rain.

I go to the wedding and my hair looks good.  It only rains slightly at the end of the night and I’m glad that I’ve looked so sleek and straight.  Maybe Courtney with a “K” knew best after all.



what I asked for…


What I got.


I still think I’ll try it again, maybe locally this time.

Have you ever visited a Dry Bar?