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Office and the Furry Interns

20 Feb

Over the long weekend we were able to finally, FINALLY, clear out the second bedroom and begin the transformation of the room where crap we didn’t know where to store landed (aka a giant closet) into the new gorgeous and super functional LA Brunchers office/guestroom.  My eager assistants went right to work after we set up the desk.  I was thinking of paying them, but I think they could use the experience and *school credit.

Home Office


* This is where I’d put my new website plug, but it’s not quite ready for launch just yet!


2014- She’s Back! The Under-Analyst

31 Dec

2013 where did you go!?  This past year can easily be chalked up as one of the craziest years of my life, if not THE craziest.  For starters I did a little thing called Happily Ever After and pulled off  a dream wedding to a dream of a husband.  Oh and before that we also bought a condo, and have nested!  And then there was our amazing honeymoon to Greece and Italy (definite highlight). We got another cat (OMG, OMG, OMG) Petey Marie.  Oh, and naturally I started my own website/business, LA Brunchers,  with good friend Kate Roland.  So… I suppose it’s no wonder why I feel as if 2013 was just a dream.






photo (7)




Which brings me to my giant expectations for 2014- j/k. I think I’ll try to keep this one simple with; being healthy, loving my friends and family better and taking over the world …   xoxo

Why I’ve Been Absent

1 Oct

So some of you are putting two and two together… for those that aren’t, I’ll break it down for you.  I’ve been awful about posting. Between the wedding, honeymoon, more traveling and a little thing called a 9 to 5 (actually it’s more like 7:30 – 4sh) it’s no wonder I’ve slowed down the ole digital diary… EXCEPT I haven’t slowed down.  I’ve just been using that energy to crazily work on my latest passion, BRUNCH, with a very good friend Kate.


We came up with the idea for LA Brunchers a while back, mainly because we were shocked to find there was NO brunch directory for Los Angeles.  This is LA, people LOVE to brunch, it’s a four season event here!  Sure there’s Yelp and Google, but we were looking for a website that focused solely on brunch, where to get it, what to expect, specials, outdoor/indoor, ambiance, price, bottomless, dog-friendly… you get the idea.  And so we started researching, and going out for brunch A LOT. It’s increasingly delicious and interesting as we move further and further into the “Farm to Table” renaissance.   We are big supporters of our LA community utilizing local sources and free-range meats.  Brunching with integrity (albeit three mimosas deep) feels good.


We are so proud of what we’ve created.  It took MANY hours, blood, sweat and tears to create our website.  We believe that it is very user-friendly (complete with customized searches per neighborhood) and we also stand behind each of the restaurants on our main guide pages (you can tell by the Rooster Ratings we assigned them).   But the directory is only one facet of our brunch baby.  We also aim to create some pretty great content such as; interviews with local chefs, recipes of amazing brunch food, partnering with food events and of course our daily brunch blog Sunny Side Up.


And so I’m baaaaccckkkk!  And I hope you take a moment to check out what all this fuss is about.


Leah- Brunch Guru & Under-Analyst