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Spring Flowers

26 Mar

I wonder if it’s a coincidence my favorite flowers all tend to be Spring time blooms? One of the things I miss the most (besides thunderstorms) is the smell of lilacs in a Minnesota Spring.  I found some at the Farmers Market this past weekend but they just weren’t the same…

Instead I’ll be happy with these perky Daffodils living in my office.


Spring Flowers


Thursdays on Pinterest

14 Mar

It’s THURSDAY… pinterest time!  Lately I’ve been all over P-town, drooling, sighing and creating lengthy “I wish” lists.  Here’s the latest mood board selections;

Lacy always has the best additions to her “My Style” board

lacy style

Anthropologie has their Spring Dinnerware Sale and I am so so so in love with their plates

owl anthro

You know I’m a sucker for messy locks.  I’m considering faux hair to thicken a braid like this…

messy hair

I don’t wear perfume but I’ve always loved vintage bottles.  I’m enamored with repurposing them with flowers.

perfume vase

I want a puppy! (Don’t tell Gilligan) Corgi dogs- I’m obsessed.


Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

I love this holiday, I really do.  Hearts, sweets, flowers, love, yummy dinner… what’s not to love?  And even though I scraped the side of our new Jeep while backing out of our parking garage today I’m still happy and excited for candy hearts that say stupid things.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.



meow – me0w- meow- meow


I’m not sure why grumpy animals always look so cute.  Humans, not so much.



Yeah, this doesn't really have anthing to do with V-Day.  But who cares, it's cute!

Yeah, this doesn’t really have anthing to do with V-Day. But who cares, it’s cute!




And of course a little valentine from our Gilligan Marbles Marie

Gilligan Valentine

Birthdays come EVERY year

31 Jan

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes.

I definitely experienced the first pang of “father time” with this one. 28 just seemed so perfect.  Being 28 meant that I had arrived comfortably in my late twenties but that I still had time for a few mistakes.  It said, “ask me questions because I’m wise, but I’m still hip in the scheme of things.”  28 was perfect for “yea, kids some day… far from now.”


I haven’t given 29 its identity yet.  It means, “I’m almost 30!”

I’m sure it will all settle and I’ll get used to being 28+1.

But until then I’ll just focus on my amazing presents!!!!!!!!!

Thanks honey-