Getting Old… Staying Young

5 Feb

I did it. I turned 30.  It was surprisingly painless!  Looking back on the twenties I shake my head a little bit (what WAS I thinking?) but in no way do I have major regrets nor feel as if I missed out on something.  Do I wish I would have studied abroad in Italy vs. London? Yes, but then I would have never met my best friend Kelly and then I probably wouldn’t have moved out here later on.  Do I wish I wouldn’t have dated a few idiots? Sure, but then I wouldn’t know what a true gem of a husband I have.  Do I wish I would have had more cats?  ALWAYS, but my mom wouldn’t have taken more than one in for my traveling. So, it turns out everything happens for a reason.

deputy gilligan


So now do I feel older? Yes and no.  I feel responsible, as if life is finally manageable.  Granted, this was a long time in the works and I pretty much had it mastered at 29, but now it feels solid.  And I feel mature (commence laughing). Being mature doesn’t have to look a certain way…  being mature is being accountable, doing the right thing, nurturing relationships, working hard in a career. The fact that I am playful, creative, bubbly, cat loving and at times a bit odd is my personality and that will never change.  So do I feel older?  Not really, but maybe just a little bit wiser.

Example a)  Birthday in Napa – mature.  Everyone wearing cat ears in Napa -I vote still mature!




Example b) I really want to buy this…  (yea, I know- NOT mature- but still awesome)


Hooray for 30!


Ask the Cat- How does it feel to be a big brother Gilligan?

23 Jan

Have a question you are just dying to know the answer to?  My cats will answer it!  Just ask them…

Sarah from Michigan asks,

This one is for you Gilligan.  What is like to be a mom now?  And is it weird that Leah keeps saying you’re a mommy when clearly you’re an older brother?


Hi Sarah,

Well honestly I really like Petey- when he’s not disturbing my naps, eating my food, taking up all the pets and using my litter box- so I guess I only really like him for about ten minutes out of the day.  With that being said, it’s really nice not to be all alone, abandoned by my jet setting parents.  As far as the fact that my mom doesn’t understand anatomy and refers to me as Petey’s mommy… well let’s just say she’s not the smartest thing but has the best intentions and I am fairly nurturing, also if I were to ever wear denim they’d probably fall under the category of ‘mom jeans’.


Gilligan (& Petey)


cats at work



Cats in a tree

Start Your Weekend off Right!

10 Jan

with this amazing cat parody of HBO’s hit series GIRLS. It’s brilliant, it’s like Homeward Bound meets Sex and the City. You’re welcome.


2014- She’s Back! The Under-Analyst

31 Dec

2013 where did you go!?  This past year can easily be chalked up as one of the craziest years of my life, if not THE craziest.  For starters I did a little thing called Happily Ever After and pulled off  a dream wedding to a dream of a husband.  Oh and before that we also bought a condo, and have nested!  And then there was our amazing honeymoon to Greece and Italy (definite highlight). We got another cat (OMG, OMG, OMG) Petey Marie.  Oh, and naturally I started my own website/business, LA Brunchers,  with good friend Kate Roland.  So… I suppose it’s no wonder why I feel as if 2013 was just a dream.






photo (7)




Which brings me to my giant expectations for 2014- j/k. I think I’ll try to keep this one simple with; being healthy, loving my friends and family better and taking over the world …   xoxo

My Guru Loooooves Me!

7 Oct

If you haven’t heard of Gabrielle Bernstein, then you’re missing out.  She is the voice of our generation (a hip, young, cute, refreshing Wayne Dyer of sorts).  I’ve been listening to her free lectures on spotify and reading her book “May Cause Miracles.”   She also has a great VLOG that you can subscribe to via her website.

gabby bernstein

We often times get lost in the cray cray of the world.  Anger at work, judgement of strangers or worse our friends, self pity,  blah blah blah.  I’m really striving these days to a) be a better version of myself  b) Give something good to the community, even if it’s just my energy (or LA Brunchers!)  and c) manifest BIG

See her small shout out to me on today’s video about her book, “May Cause Miracles.”  (6:06)