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Summer Day Dreams

12 Mar

I realize it’s entirely unfair for me to even remotely miss summer (it was 86 this past Sunday and the palm trees are always swaying here in LA) BUT I do.  Not so much summer itself, rather the vacations and carefree attitude that come along with it.  Mike and I have been planning our next big adventure aka honeymoon #2 and the world is truly our oyster- ok, an oyster on a budget.  Some thoughts thus far: Thailand, Fiji, Croatia, Turkey, Belize, St. Lucia…  how is one to decide!?  If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Summer Time



where do you want to travel this summer?


Honeymoon Sneak Peek

22 Aug

I promised honeymoon recaps and pictures, it just so happens that I’m completely swamped with the start of a new school year here at work (and some other VERY exciting personal projects).  So please be patient -I promise I’m working on the Thank You cards wedding guests.

In the meantime here is a sneak peek at part 1 of our honeymoon;  Greece.  Ahh beautiful, amazing, delicious Greece!  I could drench myself in their olive oil, it’s THAT good.



greece honeymoon




Bachelorette Weekend!

6 Jun

Where has the time gone!?  With invitations stamped and out the door I can finally relax, and what better timing with four days of vacation and fun ahead of me!  I’m beyond excited, as I sit here anxiously slurping my iced coffee.  Five of my best friends fly in this afternoon and tomorrow 10 of us will head to Palm Springs where we will lounge, eat, laugh and yes probably drink (a lot).




I recently had an interesting exchange while out and about;

girl to my right:  “ahh yea, just got back from my bachelorette party- it was insane!”

me: “Oh fun!  Where did you go?”

her: “Vegas, DUH!”

me: (slightly taken aback by being “duh’ed” in a somewhat rude and condescending tone). “Oh, I was only asking because mine is next week.”

her: “Super awesome.  Where?”

me: “In Palm Springs”

her: “LAAAMEEE!” (proceeds to roll her eyes and turn to her friend)

me: (again slightly offended)…

her friend: “Why Palm Springs and not Vegas?”

me: (looking directly at rude outspoken Vegas representative) “Because it’s WAY less trashy….. duh.”

And that’s about as catty as I ever get.  But really that’s my segue into the fact that my MOH has worked tirelessly organizing this soiree and I know she will NOT subject me to ridiculous tiaras, bedazzled phallic headbands or lightup glow shotglass necklaces…(HINT – HINT).


See you all next week, hopefully!




Austin TX, here we come!

24 May

I absolutely love Austin, TX.  So it felt only right to book a last-minute trip for a long weekend (and apparently Mike has some sort of business to attend to…buy us  a vacation home there honey!).  One of my best friends (and bridesmaids!) just so happens to live there and I am beyond giddy to see her face.




 “the Dis”


Austin style is incredible.  It’s sort of like coachella 24/7.  The music scene mixed with heat mixed with country/hipster/artist bars & shops just transports me to heaven.  I’m taking some of my cues from Keep Austin Stylish ;




keep austin stylish



And although I originally purchased this swimsuit for my bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs (just 2 weeks away!), I can’t help but think it’ll be perfect for Lake Travis tomorrow.






I’ve also been going to the gym every day this week (including a horrendous performance in “Cardio Hip Hop” last night) so that I can enjoy the amazing food.  I want tacos, bacon and airstreamer food trucks ASAP!




Happy Memorial weekend everyone!


Gratitude Friday

4 Apr

I have so much to be thankful for this Friday.  Like the fact that it’s still Spring Break at work.  And the weather has been nothing but sunny and beautiful lately (thank you Southern California!).  Gilligan is more handsome than ever (Mike is too). AND… we received a celebratory win package from the Surf and Sand Resort.

Some of you will remember that we, ahem I, entered us in a contest for a  Surf and Sand Resort romantic mini stay.  This is the place where Mike proposed to me so it was easy for me to share our story.  We are beyond excited to find time to go back and use our free stay.  We also won a free photography session (although with engagement pics and upcoming wedding pics I’m not sure when to use this)!

surf and sand2

surf and sand1