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Spring Flowers

26 Mar

I wonder if it’s a coincidence my favorite flowers all tend to be Spring time blooms? One of the things I miss the most (besides thunderstorms) is the smell of lilacs in a Minnesota Spring.  I found some at the Farmers Market this past weekend but they just weren’t the same…

Instead I’ll be happy with these perky Daffodils living in my office.


Spring Flowers


Jury Duty

24 Mar

I waited in a very long line to go through security only for them to find a pair of scissors in my bag.  I had to go back to my car (5 billion miles away) and put my scissors away and then wait in the line once again.  Justice has been served.  


jury duty

Why My Cat Now Wears a Cone

24 Feb

cat cone

It’s cute, it’s awful, it’s embarrassing, it’s cruel, it’s funny, it’s… a cat cone.  When we first brought Petey home (on Black Friday*) he had the cutest little sneeze and a few cat boogers.  We brought him to the vet to get his shot and the vet told us to keep an eye on his cold and gave us some stuff to wipe his eyes.   His cold went away but he kept getting scabs in and around his nose.  They’d almost heal but he’d manage to scratch off his scabs over and over again.  I finally took him in this past Saturday and we were told he’d have to wear a cone until the scabs completely heal.  In the meantime he is taking antibiotics and I have to put antibacterial cream on his nose a few times a day.





Have you ever had a cat wear a cone?!  Gilligan was terrified, rightfully so.  Petey couldn’t eat from his bowl or get water or basically do anything.  We had to redesign everything.  We made a step stool for the cat box and removed the lid.  He normally likes to sleep under the couch but he can’t get under there with his new headpiece.  He somehow managed to get the thing off Saturday night and I had to wrestle him into it again (it was traumatic for both of us).   Finally last night I couldn’t take it anymore and I took the thing off of him.   I guess we’ll have to cone him when we are gone and let him be free when we are there to supervise.  Poor Petey.





*- animal shelter sales?  Had no idea, and was slightly appalled-they need all the money we can give them.

Office and the Furry Interns

20 Feb

Over the long weekend we were able to finally, FINALLY, clear out the second bedroom and begin the transformation of the room where crap we didn’t know where to store landed (aka a giant closet) into the new gorgeous and super functional LA Brunchers office/guestroom.  My eager assistants went right to work after we set up the desk.  I was thinking of paying them, but I think they could use the experience and *school credit.

Home Office


* This is where I’d put my new website plug, but it’s not quite ready for launch just yet!

Getting Old… Staying Young

5 Feb

I did it. I turned 30.  It was surprisingly painless!  Looking back on the twenties I shake my head a little bit (what WAS I thinking?) but in no way do I have major regrets nor feel as if I missed out on something.  Do I wish I would have studied abroad in Italy vs. London? Yes, but then I would have never met my best friend Kelly and then I probably wouldn’t have moved out here later on.  Do I wish I wouldn’t have dated a few idiots? Sure, but then I wouldn’t know what a true gem of a husband I have.  Do I wish I would have had more cats?  ALWAYS, but my mom wouldn’t have taken more than one in for my traveling. So, it turns out everything happens for a reason.

deputy gilligan


So now do I feel older? Yes and no.  I feel responsible, as if life is finally manageable.  Granted, this was a long time in the works and I pretty much had it mastered at 29, but now it feels solid.  And I feel mature (commence laughing). Being mature doesn’t have to look a certain way…  being mature is being accountable, doing the right thing, nurturing relationships, working hard in a career. The fact that I am playful, creative, bubbly, cat loving and at times a bit odd is my personality and that will never change.  So do I feel older?  Not really, but maybe just a little bit wiser.

Example a)  Birthday in Napa – mature.  Everyone wearing cat ears in Napa -I vote still mature!




Example b) I really want to buy this…  (yea, I know- NOT mature- but still awesome)


Hooray for 30!