Ask the Cat- How does it feel to be a big brother Gilligan?

23 Jan

Have a question you are just dying to know the answer to?  My cats will answer it!  Just ask them…

Sarah from Michigan asks,

This one is for you Gilligan.  What is like to be a mom now?  And is it weird that Leah keeps saying you’re a mommy when clearly you’re an older brother?


Hi Sarah,

Well honestly I really like Petey- when he’s not disturbing my naps, eating my food, taking up all the pets and using my litter box- so I guess I only really like him for about ten minutes out of the day.  With that being said, it’s really nice not to be all alone, abandoned by my jet setting parents.  As far as the fact that my mom doesn’t understand anatomy and refers to me as Petey’s mommy… well let’s just say she’s not the smartest thing but has the best intentions and I am fairly nurturing, also if I were to ever wear denim they’d probably fall under the category of ‘mom jeans’.


Gilligan (& Petey)


cats at work



Cats in a tree


One Response to “Ask the Cat- How does it feel to be a big brother Gilligan?”

  1. Elaune Toft January 29, 2014 at 8:11 pm #

    Ha! Mom jeans, fantastico:-)honey.

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