Rehearsal Dinner / Welcome Party

6 Aug

I’m finally back!  After what seems like centuries I’ve returned to some normalcy and now find myself a married woman with a lot of great memories, photos, stories and an amazing honeymoon under my belt.  I apologize in advance as these things will probably be the theme of numerous entries for the upcoming week/s.  Which brings us to today’s (just a teeny intro blog to kick the party off) ….

I am SO glad we decided to open up our rehearsal dinner into a welcome party.  With such a big bridal party and so many friends and family from out of town, it only felt natural to invite everyone to join in on the night’s festivities and allow all our peoples to mix.   Choosing Saarloos & Sons, an amazing tasting room (house!) in Los Olivos was the best decision (thank you Mr. and Mrs. King).




The space was incredible, we were able to accomodate everyone, with the wine bar flowing inside, the flatbread oven truck baking delicious pizzas in front and beer and tables and fun in the back.




The ambience was doubled by a huge festival next door, Bacon & Barrels, an annual event here in town.  I think some people were confused and found themselves over there before realizing we were next door.  I was beyond hyper, but managed to lock myself away in a back room to shovel two pieces of pizza in my face so I wouldn’t pass out.







welcome party


The hardest part was just getting us all to leave at the end of the night!  Sorry Saarloos & Sons…

I’ve uploaded all the photos on my shutterfly for those who would like the link send me an email;


One Response to “Rehearsal Dinner / Welcome Party”

  1. auntie coon August 7, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    I missed such good times. :o(

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