Italian Cooking Class

10 Jul

My girlfriend Leah, yes we are both Leahs (it’s pretty amazing) oh wait and yes she is also engaged and getting married in a month (also amazing) notified me of a cooking class Groupon months ago.  Of course I was in – my culinary skills are pretty terrible, albeit I can follow a recipe most of the time.   We finally used this deal the other night and I cannot tell you how exciting it was!

Chef Marjorie Baker is just plain adorable.  At one point I told her there was still time to change our programs and put her name in place of Mike’s…



She is an Italian chef and writer (click here for her website).  It was only fitting that we take the “Regional Italian Cuisine” course in preparation for my honeymoon.  It was also a nice excuse to relax the wedding diet for a day.



Our courses were as follows;

Arugula with Pears & Parmigiano –Reggiano Cheese

Mushroom Risotto

Grilled Tuscan-Style Steak (Bistecca alla Fiorentina)

Sicilian Flourless Chocolate Cake








The risotto was quite a chore but in the end it was my favorite dish.  The fresh herb rub for the steak was also amazing.  I feel confident that I will hone my cooking skills this next year (with the help of all of those wonderful wedding presents that keep appearing at our door!)



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