Austin TX, here we come!

24 May

I absolutely love Austin, TX.  So it felt only right to book a last-minute trip for a long weekend (and apparently Mike has some sort of business to attend to…buy us  a vacation home there honey!).  One of my best friends (and bridesmaids!) just so happens to live there and I am beyond giddy to see her face.




 “the Dis”


Austin style is incredible.  It’s sort of like coachella 24/7.  The music scene mixed with heat mixed with country/hipster/artist bars & shops just transports me to heaven.  I’m taking some of my cues from Keep Austin Stylish ;




keep austin stylish



And although I originally purchased this swimsuit for my bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs (just 2 weeks away!), I can’t help but think it’ll be perfect for Lake Travis tomorrow.






I’ve also been going to the gym every day this week (including a horrendous performance in “Cardio Hip Hop” last night) so that I can enjoy the amazing food.  I want tacos, bacon and airstreamer food trucks ASAP!




Happy Memorial weekend everyone!



One Response to “Austin TX, here we come!”

  1. Nanny May 25, 2013 at 4:57 am #

    Hi Sweetheart! Your so cute fringed swim suit top makes me wanna say Yee Haw Austin! Thanks to Jane M. so glad for the sights she showed me there, kind of a Mpls. Uptown vibe, do you think? Your fun is our fun here too. Love, love, love Muah.

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