Negotiating your Gym Membership

8 May

I’m baaaack!  After an extended weekend spent at Stagecoach (photos to follow) and a much-needed catchup at work I have finally returned to the keyboard.

The countdown has begun; 73 days until the wedding!  Up until now I’ve been somewhat sedentary, saving my energy for the big push.  It’s time. Consequently Mike decided he should join my gym, Equinox, a) because it’s better than his (24 Fitness) and b) so we can go together and try the ‘co-dependent motivation’ method.

workign out

When I joined a while back I was warned that they’d try to throw initiation fees at me.  Granted I was starstruck when I signed my contract but I managed to avoid all initiation fees, annual contracts and received a decent pro-rated amount for the following month.   But apparently I didn’t throw the big guns out because Mike went in there ready to play hard ball.

He played coy, batted his eyelashes, flexed his muscles, cracked jokes, barred his teeth and threatened to leave until finally he was not only given a membership for less money than me but he also negotiated it so that my membership would be lowered as well!

Lesson:  None of their “fees”, membership “dues” or integrity are written in stone.  They want you to join.  Do it on your terms, or Mike’s.

p.s. his bravery inspired me to inquire about a certificate that had expired months ago.  They reinstated it! BAM


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