Shopping for a House

11 Apr

While Mike and I were searching high and low for a good investment/roomy new home I was introduced to a little thing called Redfin.  It basically allows you to search for anything on the market in whatever area you are focusing on.

Here’s an example of when I search in Santa Monica (90403) for a place under $900k with at least 2 bedrooms;


As you can see there aren’t too many options and they are all condos (which is why we moved our search slightly east into Brentwood where you still can’t find a house for this price but at least the condo options are much better).

But now I’m totally hooked!  Maybe it’s because Mike is in real estate, or maybe it’s because I love HGTV… but I love a good redfin session at least once a week.

I mean look at this teeny cottage studio in Venice going for $649k.



And the inside…


Absolutely adorable but needs a lot of work (I won’t even show you the bathroom!).  Also there’s no parking spot/garage which is pretty awful for that busy neighborhood.

If you really want to have fun do a search for 5 million plus in Malibu or Beverly Hills.  Someday… yes, someday…



One Response to “Shopping for a House”

  1. Nanny April 11, 2013 at 9:16 pm #

    Outrageous for sure. Age has been kind in the way of desiring large and plush. The Kenwood area of Mpls. once intrigued me. These days lightening quick judgment says “No, too much to clean” or “costs a mint to heat that barn.” :):) Talking Minna—so cold here–sota–and it’s snowing 😦 Love your searching site though for sure.

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