“Girls” vs. “Sex and the City”

20 Mar

Well it’s official,  I’m co-dependent.  Mike is out of town and I had these visions of me taking long baths, watching endless hours of Bravo and eating things he hates like sushi and olives (maybe not together).  Instead I worked late, ate something gross from Wholefoods and watched a few episodes of Girls before having a lonely night of sleep.


I’ve only watched a couple of episodes of this Girls show.  I like it, I do, but at times it’s actually really disturbing.   When I used to watch Sex and the City (LOVE, love, LOVE, sigh…) I could always feel a bit of me inside each character and of course it was always fun to determine which one of your friends was who (we all chose Carrie for ourselves, duh).   They all seemed to be relatively put together and their lives were so exciting, mostly.  With Girls the characters are much younger and slightly more realistic.  They live in small places, have crappy jobs and don’t attend fancy parties.  Although Marnie is very Charlotte considering they both work at a gallery??  And that one british girl, Jessa?, is slutty like Samantha?  And the main character is— so BIZARRE!  She is kind of repulsive but funny but an idiot.  Gritty is good but everyone wants a bit of the fairytale in a show, right?   I guess I’ll just have to do more research later tonight!




Girls vs. Sex and the City?  Your thoughts?


One Response to ““Girls” vs. “Sex and the City””

  1. auntie coon March 20, 2013 at 10:49 pm #

    Since I don’t watch “Girls”, I’ll go with the show I love – SATC!

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