Dr. Phil, we need you.

12 Mar

There’s been the terrifying discussion of whether or not to keep our cleaning lady.   Currently she comes every other week but because our new place is a bit bigger than our last it’s more expensive, prompting us to question ourselves, “are we that lame that with no kids and ample time we can’t clean up after ourselves?”

Me:  ‘No we can’t’

Him: ‘Sure we can!’

Me: ‘I’ve never even seen you wipe down a counter top!’

Him: ‘I’ll learn.’

Gilligan: ‘I don’t like this at all, you guys barely clean my box as it is -meow- please let’s keep the maid.’

Me: ‘Gilligan has a good point.’

Him: ‘Gilligan didn’t say anything.  He’s a cat.’

Me: ‘Whatever that’s off topic.  I think we should maybe compromise and have her come once a month?’

Him: ‘Yeah, that’s a good idea.  *And then I can buy you more presents with the money we save.’

Me: ‘Fantastic!’

*he didn’t really say that,- planting the seed.


The good news is that somehow Mike is now receiving issues of Ladies Home Journal (yea, we’re both confused) and they actually have really helpful articles on organizing and cleaning!






2 Responses to “Dr. Phil, we need you.”

  1. Kelsey Williams March 12, 2013 at 11:50 am #

    I want a cleaning lady quite badly 🙂

  2. auntie coon March 12, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

    Housework is drudgery – plain and simple. There are better, more interesting, more fun things to do with your life! I’ve wanted a cleaning lady my entire adult life – another one of life’s disappoinments. :o(

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