Bridesmaid Invites

28 Jan

One of the harder things we’ve had to do (in the wedding planning process) was choosing our wedding party.

There are so many friends and family we want to include.  We went back and forth about whether or not to include siblings, college friends, childhood friends, those we love but have lost touch with etc…  I suggested we just have celebrities (John Stamos you can still be best man if you want!).

Finally we narrowed it down. I guess 7 bridesmaid isn’t ‘narrowing’ that much but I really wanted a healthy mix of those I’ve known for a long time and those who have become my best friends in recent years (and to those that I did not include please know that it’s only because Mike wouldn’t let us have a wedding party of 50).

I found old vintage bridal paper doll patterns and then I used photoshop to create a personalized card.  I tied them together with a piece of twine and sent them off through the mail.


Will you be my bridesmaid…?


bridal party cover


Bridesmaid invite



bridesmaid doll



bridesmaid dresses







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