I Can’t Stop Eating

25 Jan

No, seriously.  I think I’ve been hungry for all of 2013.  And so I’ve just been stuffing my face because hey why not (I’ll go to the gym another week…).

This is perfect timing considering this past weekend we drove up to Santa Maria to taste our caterers!


They specialize in Santa Maria style BBQ which we thought would be perfect for our casual outdoor vineyard setting.  The grilled mushrooms were amazing, and the garlic bread (no words)… yum yum yum.

But we tried not to fill up on our nuptial snacks because Full of Life Flatbread was where we really wanted to pack in the calories!

We had read about this place (amazing reviews) and finally paid a visit the last time we were up in Santa Barbara for wedding stuff.  The restaurant is in Los Alamos, a funny little town with an old Saloon hotel on the main drag that serves a good beer.

You might recognize the name “Full of Life Flatbread”  because of Whole Foods;



The same guy that started these frozen delicacies created the restaurant.  All the food is organic and locally sourced.  They have a huge fire pit for almost all of their entrees to cook in and they have a dessert menu that makes me cry.  The best part is all of the local wine offered to accompany all of this great food.










Wait time can be a bit ridiculous but they’ll make up for it by giving you a free appetizer!

I’m hungry again.


One Response to “I Can’t Stop Eating”

  1. Nanny January 25, 2013 at 12:39 pm #

    I think I actually smelled the garlic! Nice to receive a heads up on what to expect at your gala event, sounds wonderful. Need a bib tho, no BBQ sauces on my new attire dahling.

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