How I Know I’m Getting Old

4 Dec

There are certain things that make me acutely aware that while I’m young at heart (some might say occasionally immature) I am in fact getting old.

What makes me feel old these days;




Yup.  I’m in the rug market right now and I have spent approximately 6 hours and 22 minutes looking on Pinterest, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel and every other home goods online store searching for that perfect rug.  And guess what?  Rugs are expensive little a-holes.  Ask my 22 year old self about rugs (and I’d probably be too drunk to tell you), “you must be old.”




It matters and at times consumes me.  I’ve become my father, who would sit at the dinner table and tell us long-winded stories of colleagues who we a) didn’t know and b) didn’t care about.  My poor fiance knows more about my co-workers and day-to-day work than any normal person should.




I get them.  I have been guilty of that half chipped broken finger nail look for most of my life.  At work I realized how much more professional it looked to have manicured nails (which still only motivated me to visit my Asian friends once every three months).  It was “the ring” that truly changed my cuticle life.  And so now I’m a manicured lady (who is experimenting with an anti-wrinkle nightcream).

-I’m a Maid:



Actually I’m not, but we hired one which has improved our quality of life tenfold.  Messes now annoy me to no end, granted I’m the one making most of them.  I will always have a pile of clothes in my room but I no longer live with a sink full of dishes and a trash can that smells like men wrestling outside in a New Mexico summer.

-All the other stuff:



Like needing my 8 hours of sleep, especially because I’m incapable of sleeping in past 7:30.  Or the fact that my tivo is now filled with HGTV and FoodNetwork.  My Facebook feed is babies, cats & babies (seriously).  I swear a lot less.  And I’ve given up on all unrealistic dreams such as; touring with N’Sync, training South American monkeys and marrying Uncle Jesse.


What makes you feel old?


2 Responses to “How I Know I’m Getting Old”

  1. Nanny December 4, 2012 at 2:41 pm #

    You crack me up. What makes me feel older and older is how everything in the world below the knees has become out of reach. This includes my great grand kids, the dog and the cats. Sigh.

  2. auntie coon December 4, 2012 at 5:08 pm #

    What makes me feel old? You! ;o)

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