My Cat Bit Me!

14 Sep

Yeah, can you believe it!?  The same angel that I’m always oohing and aahing over.  The very same little furry bundle of joy that I’ve clothed and fed and doted on for the past year.  Yeah, him (a-hole).

Yesterday morning I got up (after hitting the snooze one trillion times) and started my usual routine.  Gilligan followed me into the bathroom where I sang him a little song titled, “Good Morning Precious Furry Baby.”  He jumped up on the counter and I gave him pets while preparing to get into the shower.  After I stopped petting him and was about to step into the shower he lunged, like a beast of the night, and bit me on my stomach!  I jumped, shrieked and then gently hit him upside the head.

“Gilligan Marie! NOOOO Bad kitty!  BAAAADDDDD kitty!  Veeryy BAD kitty.”

It was so strange.  There he sat, defiant, with his ears laid back angry against his matted skull.  I examined myself and saw that his bite wasn’t terrible (it didn’t break skin), but I was shaken.

As I shampooed I kept wondering what went wrong.  I hadn’t raised him to be violent.  Had I been playing ‘mousey’ too much with him?  Was he mad at me?  Maybe he stopped loving me!?  I felt sorry for myself for the entirety of my shower.

When I stepped out and dried off, Gilligan was nowhere to be seen.  But I heard him.  He was spastically running in circles in the living room, throwing himself against the wall.  Then he sprinted past me and into the room where he flew in his cat tunnel back and forth, back and forth.  And I laughed hard.  Very hard.

Let me explain something.  We have a cat tunnel.  My grandma sent it in the mail as a gift since we haven’t given her grandchildren yet.

It looks like this;

Gilligan LOVES it.  But he has gained some weight and it’s difficult for him to push his body through his beloved tunnel these days.



So watching him hurl his body, in his fit of madness, through this thing was incredible.


I had to forgive the guy, clearly he was going through something that I just couldn’t understand.


When I got home after work he was back to his old self and when I said hi he managed to look a little ashamed.

p.s. he’s laying on the wine label of the vineyard we’re getting married at, “Lincourt”


I’ve forgiven but not forgotten.  Let’s hope he never does that again, I don’t think the tunnel or I can take it.



4 Responses to “My Cat Bit Me!”

  1. auntie coon September 14, 2012 at 11:45 am #

    It seems like maybe he went into “hunter” mode because he was feeling good, and you, by proximity, became his prey (a game my Buffy plays with herself – you can tell that sometimes she’s the hunter, and sometimes she’s the prey). He was having fun. Then, when you chastised him for it, you p’d him off. Then comes the tearing around like a maniac to chill out. Just a thought. Never forget – a cat can go from being a sweet, purring ball of fluff, to a lethal killing machine in a split second – without any warning! Another reason I prefer dogs – they have the manners (through their body language) to give you a warning.

  2. auntie coon September 14, 2012 at 11:47 am #

    Hope this didn’t ruin your day. :o( In spite of his actions this morning, you know he loves you!

  3. thepineapplepages September 16, 2012 at 3:46 am #

    Hahah, oh can I ever relate to this. My cat does this type of thing on a regular basis, it’s like he becomes a different animal than the one I raised. Cats.

  4. Nanny September 21, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    Oh my, I hope your wound is healed by now. Dang, you can’t shame a cat; they have no conscience and get away with it. I was so flattered and pleased to see the leopard run-through displayed to the world. Is that truly Gilligan seated on his behind resting his big tummy??? Why good heavens, when did that happen?

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