Kid Fears

3 May

We were all young and VERY afraid of   (fill in the blank).

For some kids it was the notion that their siblings were actually telling the truth when they said, “you were adopted.”  For others it was the dark or simply vegetables. 

Before the years of “Goosebumps” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark” I was just a little girl with very real fears.

I LOVE the story of the Velveteen Rabbit.  My Grandmother made a tape recording of the book, read by Meryl Streep, and I would listen to it every night as I fell asleep.


I had a teddy bear and his name was Obie. I also had a blankie, named Blankie (yea, real original).  At night I’d clutch them close and think about how they were real, just like the bunny in the story.  But then I’d feel bad because all of my other stuffed animals were surely real as well and they must feel left out.  So I’d torture myself with trying to love them all as much as possible.   It was all very innocent and sweet and having fears of not loving your real stuffed animals isn’t too scary… BUT,

one day I saw something on tv (that damn media) and it changed my childhood life FOREVER;













Chucky is the scariest movie of all time.  A boy’s doll comes to life and basically tortures and murders everyone!

Needless to say I was suddenly VERY worried that since all of my stuffed animals and dolls were real maybe one out of the bunch was a bad seed and might kill me in my sleep.

Right around this time my Aunt Evy had me over to her house and gifted some of her daughter’s old toys to me.  One of these treasures was a very old doll that sort of looked like this;

My nights were consumed with horrific dreams of this doll coming to life and killing all of my family and pets.  I was so terrified that my mom hid it away in another room.  But I’d stay up late into the night thinking about how the doll was probably so mad that I had sent her away. She would most likely seek revenge and murder me with my own Fisher Price kitchen set.  I considered burning her in our trash bin outback but I couldn’t bring myself to harm her.  Not to mention she’d probably come back, all charred, to kill me and Obie Bear.   The doll stayed up in the attic and was slowly forgotten about over the years.

UNTIL we moved to a new house when I was 9.  It was unpacked and all of the memories and nightmares came back to me.

I was older and knew that the doll was most likely not a possessed demon who would come to life and take my soul, BUT, I needed to be safe.  My brother took the matter into his own hands.  In a ritual send off we prayed over the dolls body for the spirit of Chucky to leave her.  He then rode his blue trick bike over her head a few times and we dumped her in the sewer.

Sometimes I think I can hear the faint cry of the doll back on Woodbridge Street, waiting to come find me.

What were you afraid of as a child????


4 Responses to “Kid Fears”

  1. auntie coon May 3, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    Great post! I was afraid of the back of grandma’s bedroom closet at the farm. It was narrow and long, and while I would go far enough into it to take out her cool shoes to wear (something she frowned upon), there was no way I would go more than a few feet in. I used to have nightmares that the back of the closet had another door that led out to a very scary swamp-like area that had horrible creatures in it. In my dream I would go through that door and something would grab me, but grandma and grandpa would hear me screaming, and always come and save me. It was a tug of war, with the scary creature having hold of one leg or arm, and g & g grabbing the other, but they always managed to drag me back in. That dream went on right into my teens, long after they had built the new house.

  2. Gary May 3, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    I was afraid of complacency.

  3. Nanny May 3, 2012 at 11:56 pm #

    Once I woke up screaming over King Kong looking at me through my bedroom door’s window. Of course I had to scream bloody murder! Never mind we’d just seen him in the Anoka Theater a few hours prior, he was real and had come to get little kid me..

    Distant train rumblings heard thru open windows on summer nights always brought high alert. Since first breathing air, I’d heard about nearby Anoka being nearly destroyed by the tornado of ’39, so I just had to lay there and wonder, is it tornado or train? Train or tornado?

    Your Great Grandmother, my Mom, thought me yelping and leaping in the air was just so darn fun whenever she’d, ha ha, “surprise” me from hidden parts of the house. Throughout your whole precious life, you have obviously known this threshold for startles to be vulnerably low for you’ve done your very, very best to torture me in this same way more times than I one can count.

  4. Noah May 7, 2012 at 1:07 pm #

    We got that doll and gave it what is deserved!! 🙂

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