Still can’t find my Easter Basket

9 Apr

Happy Easter to all!

I felt so inspired this year by the Baby Jesus and his Bunny.  I wanted to really go all out (I even entertained the idea of trekking to Michael’s but got too lazy).

The first item of Easter fun was sending out a few cards to loved ones (I only had six so don’t get upset if you weren’t a lucky recipient).


I then found a somewhat easy cupcake recipe and made these bakery gems:


I didn’t burn them…

Final Product:

Chocolate eggs decorate the top


Unfortunately I made too many of these things and attempted to pawn them off at a bbq we went to Saturday, a dinner party later that night and  Easter Day dinner on Sunday.  I’m slowly coming to terms with the possibility that they really aren’t that delicious?

Of course it wouldn’t be Easter without defacing eggs!

I was very inspired by this website that showed how to make designs with leaves and pantyhose:

But I quickly gave up on that when this was my best work:

The highlight of all this creativity was when I invited my neighbor over and we sipped Mango Mimosas and created classy Eggtines for our cats.

Luckily I had leftover googily eyes from Christmas Ornamenting

Easter is over but her memory will live on (in the form of 12 rotten (beautifully decorated) hard-boiled eggs, 10 uneaten stale cupcakes and 1 missing basket that the bunny hid extremely well).


One Response to “Still can’t find my Easter Basket”

  1. auntie coon April 9, 2012 at 10:08 pm #

    I made those eggs with leaves, etc., once, but I think my directions called for using white cotton rags? Googily eyes look good! Hope you find your Easter basket ;o)

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