Courtney Robertson 4 Life!

16 Mar

I’m going to have to disagree with most of America and say that I LOVE Courtney Robertson from The Bachelor.  By now you all have had time to cool off and reflect on Ben’s decision.  Except there never was a decision people!  Everyone knows that the Bachelor always chooses the hottest girl, hands down.  We just saw it the last season with Brad and Emily (our future bachelorette).  Brad chose a woman who cried over her dead fiancée ALL the time, had a six-year-old kid and was so boring it hurt to listen to her… but she was hot.


I'm awesome and a model too!


And that’s why Courtney is amazing.  Because she’s hot AND she is freak’n hilarious!  Oh sorry she didn’t sign up for the show to French-braid the other girls’ hair or make best friend bracelets.  This isn’t a sorority house (shout out to my Kappas!).  Did they forget they were in a competition? Besides Court wasn’t even that mean. She was FUNNY.  She’s no Bentley from Ashley’s season (despicable although entertaining).

I really like her because, as Ben says, “she’s weird.”  Yup, talking to spiders, singing to herself, cracking jokes alone about some of the other stupid girls.

Weird is really in right now.

Unlike the other girls she didn’t cake her face in over-the-top makeup or wear ridiculous disco ball dresses and hooker heels.

She LOVES red wine.  Amen sistah.


Oh my gosh she didn’t wear a bra or swimsuit top with her native tribal halter top!!?? GASP..  Yeah, neither would I.


blending in with the natives, love it.


Be naked, be free, be confident. Be Courtney.


One Response to “Courtney Robertson 4 Life!”

  1. auntie coon March 16, 2012 at 10:20 pm #

    Talks to spiders? My kind of girl! However, I just saw the “Bachelor” (I’ve already forgotten his name, that’s how memorable he was) on Jimmy Kimmel, and I would like to know what she sees
    in him?

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