Obsessed a little…

2 Mar

Things I’m slightly obsessed with these days…


I know, big surprise.  But seriously have you people seen the amount of photos/videos/everything on the internet pertaining to these amazing animals?!  And obviously having one myself (well, technically two.  I feel like that teen mom who has a baby and her poor mother is left to raise it, except in this case it was college and instead of a baby it was an amazing, beautiful, regal baby jesus-like cat named Gunther Marie).  Maybe someday Gilligan Marbles will finally meet his brother, probably not.

can you blame me?


I’m obsessed with all of these amazing little gourmet pizza places.  Fine dining has truly sucked me in with a Michelangelo favorite. We have two restaurants that compete for our wallets every time we get the craving and they are both within 10 miles! They feature local farmer’s market ingredients and savory twists on original concepts.

with maximum capacity at 28 this place is intimate and charming oh and extremely delicious!

yum, YUM, yum

Jillian Michaels’ Workout DVDs

To offset the amount of pizza I’m eating I need to get my fitness on almost daily.  Yoga is AMAZING but I usually can only make one class a week (not very impressive on my part). I have a gym at work but left to my own initiative I won’t push myself.  That’s where Jillian saves the day.  I simply pop her in the DVD player (in the small gym at work) and WALLAH I’m panting and grunting and throwing myself around.  My all time favorite is her 30 Day Shred .  20 minutes of interval training, perfect for lunch hour sweats.  But currently I’m obsessed with:

I still can't make it all the way through level 1 without stopping to catch my breath and curse at her.


Magazine/Catalogue Photos

I cannot express my joy when I see an Anthropologie catalogue at my door.  I feel like a teen again and I secretly wish I could rip out all the pages and tape them on my walls.  Thanks to Pinterest I can do that virtually.  There’s just something so fun about looking at beautiful photographs of clothes I want to wear or places I want to be.


Check out Sweet Disposition for great photos



This show is addictive!  I can watch marathons of it.  The FoodNetwork show’s concept is to take 4 chefs from around America and pit them against one another.  Each chef is given a basket with mystery ingredients.  Their task is to create a dish using all of the ingredients (they have access to a pantry as well).  The judges critique them and chop a chef for each round until there are just 2 left for the dessert finale.  I don’t even cook and I love this stuff!

television crack

This Song:

I know this isn’t a new tune by any means but I’m obsessed.  I could listen to it on repeat for a very long time.  The video isn’t my fav but I can’t have everything now can I?

Ellie Goulding “Lights”

Happy Friday Everyone!!  Have an amazing weekend


2 Responses to “Obsessed a little…”

  1. auntie coon March 2, 2012 at 1:06 pm #

    Well, thanks for making me hungry for pizza :o(. I just had one earlier this week, it’s too soon to have another one.

    Move while you can! Have yourself a great weekend too!

    • The Under-Analyst March 2, 2012 at 1:14 pm #

      it’s never too soon for another one…

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