A Nice Little Sunday

13 Feb

The weekend flew by and I’m still a little upset that I didn’t spend it in pajamas with the newspaper.  Yesterday was sunny and warm in Santa Monica.  Perfect weather to give those legs some air and throw on shorts with a comfy sweatshirt. We started the day with a skinny latte and a trip to the Brentwood Farmer’s Market.

What I should have worn according to KM (love her):

Kelley Maria blog

Then we headed to bf’s favorite manly outdoorsy store, Patagonia.  We were planning on returning a pair of snowpants he had bought me but instead we (he) just bought the matching jacket!  Is it bad that I’m more excited than ever to go skiing now?

And then there was five minutes to run across the street to a girly indoorsy store!  Free People.

Later a trip to Trader Joe’s where they had a clearance on anxiety.  I could have sworn someone was gonna press the button over seas as everyone was preparing to stock their nuclear underground pods. But we made it out alive and just in time to get home and smother the cat in kisses.

We had some people over for a quiet Whitney Houston “Irish Wake” but the Grammys didn’t start till 8 so we watched some of the 2011 Westminster Dog Show on Animal Planet.  I am pleased to say that my favorite dog/hamster/guinnea pig/??  named Malachy, who didn’t win, has a big chance of nabbing this year’s 2012 oversized blue riboon! woof

A new species of dog?

And then it was way past my bedtime and I finally got my wish of putting on pajamas and reading, even if it was only for ten minutes.


2 Responses to “A Nice Little Sunday”

  1. Nanny February 13, 2012 at 11:49 am #

    It was fun looking in on your sunny Sunday. I’d love a whole bunch more photos of kitty too. Just saying.

  2. auntie coon February 14, 2012 at 12:49 am #

    Yeah, pics of Gilligan! And the bf and apt too. The farmer’s market outfit is pretty cool, but it would be nice to see a pic of you and bf at the market :o). I have a Pekinese friend named Tuffy who lives on the other side of the creek :oP. He’s a sweetheart.

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