F-Score? Sounds dirty.

8 Feb

I have just returned home from a 3-day conference. (I found my debit card, don’t worry).  And I’m just busting at the seams with creative ideas, kinda.  To be honest, not all speakers are sensationally awe-inspiring and because we all suffer from a 9 second attention span (fact) it’s only natural to feel uninspired on a regular basis. With that being said I found one keynote speaker to be pretty entertaining and educational.

Meet Sally Hogshead.  Despite her unfortunate last name (although unique) she came at me with energy and charisma.  She spoke with zero “ums” and managed to deliver her message without the typical lame ‘motivational speaker’ cadence.


She focused on a quiz (you know I have a weakness for those darn online quizzes!) that determines our “F-Score.”  It sounds like something out of a trashy Cosmo article; “Keeping Your Man Pleased Between the Sheets; What’s Your F-Score?” But it wasn’t.

Nope, not this time

It’s a simple and fast quiz on your ability to fascinate and the 7 triggers that work in persuasion. What does that mean?  I’m not too sure except maybe it will result in my boyfriend buying me more presents and doing the laundry… (Sally is shaking her head no).

Here’s the link:


I’m PASSION + REBEL !      I connect with people quickly and emotionally engage (passion), but usually hit the snooze button 5 times in the morning and regularly partake in gossip (rebel).

So how do I get BF to do the laundry??



2 Responses to “F-Score? Sounds dirty.”

  1. auntie coon February 8, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

    What was this conference all about?

    • The Under-Analyst February 10, 2012 at 2:14 pm #

      Work… so it was about the wonderful world of educational fundraising! yay!

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