Like J.T., I’m Bringing “catlady” Back

1 Feb

Beyond working on my own craft, I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs.  I’m subscribed to several, including and kittybloger (yes, one “g”) at wordpress. A lot of times I delete the daily e-mails whose titles aren’t very interesting, like “Ten Ways to Groom Your Cat.” But yesterday I felt compelled to open up two different e-mail posts.  The first one was by kittybloger, “Cat tries to wake up dead friend.”  Gross, right?  A smart person would have thought to themselves, ‘hhmm that seems sad, maybe I shouldn’t start the day out with this.’  But I’m stupid.  I went right ahead and clicked on the youtube link.


I shut it off within the first ten seconds.  A cat is there nudging his dead kitty friend (it looks like he was hit by a car) and licking him and all the while some terrible sad song is playing (reminiscent of that darn Sara McLaughlin ‘arms of the angel’ crap).  The next thing I know I’m crying at my desk (on my birthday) trying to think of ways to keep cats off the roads.



The other e-mail from petadvisor looked like it might cheer me up, “20 Cat Trivia Questions- How Much Do You Know?”  YAY!  I love quizzes AND cats!  Except, wait, it didn’t cheer me up because I don’t know s*** about my favorite furry friends.

I only answered 8 questions right (so much shame).

I was expecting questions like:  “Who is cuter, the fat orange cat or the skinny gray cat?”

correct answer: fat orange cat ALWAYS


Not questions like;

3. People have about 650 skeletal muscles. How many do cats have?

A) 500

B) 650

C) 800


16. A cat named Towser was an expert mouser. (True story!) How many mice did this famous cat reportedly catch in her lifetime?

A) 899

B) 8,899

C) 18,899

D) 28,899


It became very clear to me that I need a subscription to Cat Fancy ASAP.

one year subscription only $13.00 !!!


If you’d like to give this challenging quiz a shot go ahead:


2 Responses to “Like J.T., I’m Bringing “catlady” Back”

  1. auntie coon February 1, 2012 at 9:55 am #

    I can’t take those commercials that play that song – I have to mute the tv :o(. Think they play them a lot during prime time? Try watching tv in the wee hours of the night – ASPCA, HSUS, starving children. My tv spends a lot of time on mute. Thanks for the warning about the video. Gonna pass on the quiz – no point in starting my day failing miserably at something…………………

  2. Mama Chrissy February 1, 2012 at 10:02 am #

    I’ve seen the video and I thought after a while it looked like he was trying to sexually take advantage of his dead buddy more than anything else. Either way, both make for a very sad situation.



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