Fab, Fit, Fun and FREE!

25 Jan

Last week Dermologica of Montana paired with Giuliana Rancic’s website/blog www.fabfitfun.com to throw a ‘good time for all’ event. They weren’t kidding!  I had a freak’n blast.

The FFF team members were all adorable and more than happy to hand away free presents to me (and two friends).  Who doesn’t love presents??? Free wine, free skinny girl margaritas (love you Bethenny!), free delicious skinny snacks and FREE mini-facials!?  Thank you Giuliana!

Prizes were raffled off every fifteen minutes.  I’ll be honest,  I never win anything (I stay out of the casinos for this reason). Occasionally someone nice will give me something, but I NEVER win it. So you can imagine my excitement, ticket in hand, hearing those lucky numbers called out. BINGO. I won a huge bag of Dr. Teals things (foot scrub, body wash, lip glosses…).

I WON! courtesy fabfitfun

I also had the pleasure of meeting the Editor-in-Chief and probably creeped her out by e-mailing her the next day begging her to go to lunch with me (hey, a girls gotta try right?).

Dermologica of Montana FFF crowd. -courtesy of fabfitfun

Facials… where have you been all my life?  Lying in that chair, having some nice girl extract all the crap from my pores, it was life-changing.  I scheduled a facial six weeks out with the esthetician.  I think this means I’m finally a grown up.  Between my more frequent manicures (don’t look at my chipped nails now) and glowing unclogged skin I am starting to feel like a real lady.

The rain in Spain falls mainly…

Dear FFF and Anne,  please invite me to more things with free snacks and prizes.


2 Responses to “Fab, Fit, Fun and FREE!”

  1. Sandy Warn January 25, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

    You’re always doing such fun and interesting things. Congrats on the free stuff!

    • auntie p. January 25, 2012 at 4:36 pm #

      I agree! I guess it helps to live in L.A. !

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