The Best Job Ever

18 Jan

Everyone can usually drum up what their dream job would be if asked.  I’d probably say something along the lines of Miniature Pony Trainer, Worldly Travel Writer or Famous Actress that has occasional romantic scenes with good-looking actors, “honey don’t get jealous, it’s my JOB, geeshe.” But after a lovely weekend of wine tasting I have a new career I’d be more than happy to call my own.

Meet Biscuit, the vineyard hostess.

Biscuit owns these tables

Biscuit lives in the most beautiful private wine estate and vineyard in Santa Barbara wine country. It’s a winding two-mile road past their front iron gates, with rolling hills of grapevines on either side, that delivers you to this dog’s humble home.

Job duties include but are not limited to;

*greeting new guests with mild excitement and curiosity

*receiving an unlimited supply of pets

*Feasting on picnic treats

*Listening to live music

*Taking naps in the barreling room or under trees on rolling green hills

*Getting your photo taken incessantly because you are just so freak’n cute

*Did I mention getting endless pets!?

I think I must have spent an hour talking excitedly about how amazing it’d be to pull a freaky friday with the fat yellow lab.  My boyfriend was totally on board.

Biscuit's backyard

Definitely put Demetria on your to-do list.  Call ahead and pack a picnic, you won’t be disappointed.  Oh and say hello to Biscuit! Duh.


One Response to “The Best Job Ever”

  1. Nanny January 22, 2012 at 7:03 am #

    Color me green!!

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